Friday, December 23, 2011


The anticipation as been building for weeks.  He has made my pussy purr with his words.  His wife has been sick and me with the resources I have and being the wonderful co-worker and caring human being that I am, I got his wife something that would help her get better. We met at the office after hours. We immediately went at each other. He reached up my skirt and had my pussy pouring in a matter of seconds. He was kissing on my neck and I was cumming before I even realized what the fuck he was doing.

We were meeting the next morning for a nice fuck. It had been weeks and we needed it badly. His cock was fat in his pants. It had been neglected since his wife had been sick. I asked about his load. I knew it had to be heavy and rich. He wrapped his big hands around my neck. His big brown eyes burning holes through me. "I need to feed you this cock. I need to be shooting this cum down that throat." I felt my eyes roll back in my head. I needed that cock. We parted ways after clawing at each other, knowing that in a few hours we would be a tangled mass of sweaty sex.

I sat in the room, naked and waiting. My pussy is dripping. My phone beeps. "I'm here." I unlock the door and stand just behind it. I want him now. He walks in the door.

"You're ready," he said with a cocky grin.

"Yes. Now, fuck me." I responded breathless.

He stripped his clothes. There he stood. He's so big. He makes me feel so delicate. He moves to the bed, admiring my body. He always makes me feel so sexy. I lean down and begin sucking his cock, making it hard in my mouth as he reached back began fingering my pussy.

He grabs my head, "Suck it, Bitch!" And he shoves his cock down my throat. I gag and he moans.

"Lay down, slut."

I lay back on the bed. "Have you cum yet," he asked. "No," I replied.

"You're about to." And with that my leg was in the air and I watched as he spit my pussy and then dove into it. His tongue was velvet heaven to my clit. He devoured my pussy. My body was his.

I could feel the orgasm building up inside of me. I was holding on. I grabbed the pillow and it was over. I came. I came hard. I squirted sweet pussy juice all over his beautiful face.

"You just squirted my fucking face. Taste it," he snarled as he kissed me, my cum dripping from his chin. I felt his cock slide inside me. He began fucking me like the sex god he is. I came over and over. "Where do you want this load, you fucking whore?" "My pussy. Fill my pussy with that heavy load. I want to feel you dripping from me all damn day."

"I'm going to fill it, bitch." And with that, I felt his cock throb and pulse after pulse of hot sticky cum filled my cunt.

"Merry Christmas, you fucking son of a bitch," I said with a smile. And he chuckled while kissing my neck.  "Merry Christmas to you too, you bitch."

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A New Flavor....

No offense to all you men out there, but I've learned that men can be such little bitches.  I thought myself a commodity.  A lady in her early 30s, quite sexy, adventerous in the bedroom, and up for 100% casual sex.  No gifts because that would mean I would have to remember your birthday, no relationship because that would mean I would have to set aside time for you and actually be considerate of your feelings.  No.  Just sex.  Fill me with delicious cock and make me cum like a $2 whore.  That's all I ask of you.  Why isn't that enough; really?  Why do we have to get into arguments and why do we have to "talk"?   I don't have anything to say other than "mmmm....yes.....oh baby....fuck this pussy.....your cock feels so good....i'm going to cum all over that cock....etc. etc."

Well, I've discovered that men sometimes need reassurance.  Reassurance doesn't work well for me.  So, what did I do?  Found another flavor until you get your panties out of your ass. 

I have a job that could be described as a case manager of sorts.  I manage many people and my boss is very disliked, so I handle anyone that doesn't want to deal with him.  So, needless to say, I get calls and texts often.  99% of the time they are work-related.  However, about a week ago the texts from one of the people I manage turned from very serious to teetering on the edge of flirting, to full out getting nasty. 

He commutes to work and stays in an apartment shared with other men.  So, when he came into town he called me.  In one of our conversations, our discussion had moved towards beverages.  He asked me if I had ever tried moonshine and I said OF COURSE...I live in Alabama for pete's sake.  But he had "apple moonshine."  I had never tried apple moonshine, so he offered to bring me some.  He would be at the apartment around 5p, if I just wanted to stop by. 

I was just going to get moonshine; right? 

I made it to his apartment, he opened the door, still in his pajamas.  He looked delicious.  He asked if I wanted to try it.  I said sure....forgetting he was talking about the moonshine.  It tasted like a cool apple pie.  Went down so smooth.  That's the danger of  moonshine, % of alcohol and not a hint in the taste.

He was so smooth and obvious because he slipped right into licking the left over drops apple on my lips to exploring my mouth with his tongue.  All he said was, "I have to go into work, so I can't drink.  I just wanted a taste." 

He was pushing me against the wall.  I could feel this huge rod pushing into my hip.  'There's no way that's his cock.  It's huge' was all I could think to myself. 

Then we were on the bed and I was shimmying his pants down because I had to know!  And eureka, mama hit the jackpot.  That was his cock.  It was so big and thick.  I have a tight little pussy, strong on the kegel side.  I'm not going to lie and say he ripped me open.  My pussy may be little, but she's got just as much southern hospitality as I do, and is very accommodating to all she meets.  But it made for a nice tight fit.  And when I squeezed him, it felt so good. 

He fucked me all over that room.  (Thankfully his roommates were gone.)  Made me cum multiple times.  

I've said before that I'm a very vocal person.  Make noise when you're having sex, talk to me.  Disappointingly, he was very quiet during sex.  However, what he didn't have in vocal skills, he definitely made up for with cock size and thickness.  My mind didn't have time to process his silence because I was too busy enjoying every thick thrust of his cock.

Then when he had made me cum 3 times, he wanted me to finish him.  His cock filled my mouth as much as my pussy.  I sucked and stroked his cock.  My tongue danced around his shaft as if it were begging to taste his cum.  And then he did.  He came and he tasted wonderful. 

We were in such a rush because he had to go into work, we didn't get to take our time like either of us said we do.  But Monday, he's coming in early and we have a couple of hours.  Looking forward to seeing how good his oral skills are.

But now, panty-waste (but the only man that has ever made me cum 17 times), is worse than ever because he recognized the secret smiles and the way I touch someone that I'm fucking and want to fuck again.  Until this week, it has only been him for the past year.  But come on, quit being a bitch and put out or move the fuck on! 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Awkward Much??

My friend has been out of town for a few days.  We've been texting like crazy.  Naughty, naughty things.  He's sending me pics of his cock and I'm sending him pics of my freshly shaved pussy.  What I wouldn't have done to be with him, feeling that cock all week.

I'm sitting in my office and the phone rings.  I hear his voice and I instantly start getting wet.  My pussy is quivering.  He's telling me how much he misses my pussy and how bad he needs to be fucking me when his newly divorced son walks in my office.  He's standing there waiting to talk to me and I've got his dad telling me how hard his cock is in my ear. 

I find a polite way to let him know that I need to go that someone is waiting to talk to me.  I assure him I'll call him back and I end the call.

I invite his son to have a seat.  Son is just as handsome as dad.  And I'm much closer in age to son than dad.  Son is 3-4 years younger than I am and Dad is 17 years older than I am. 

Son proceeds to mention that he heard that I might be going to the local dive for karaoke tonight with the work gang.  "Maybe," I say.  "You need to come with us.  It'll be fun," he says and grins his dad's grin with an added dimple.  I know I'm going.  I won't be able to stay away now.

I call back my lover.  He proceeds to plead and beg me to not fool around with his son.  I ask him what kind of person he thinks I am.  I would never do such a thing.  And then he says, "Do you think he can make you cum as many times as I can?"  I say, "Please, can we not talk about this.  It's weird."  But can't deny that I won't be wondering.

I sit at the dive enjoying the company of my friend as we make fun of the karaoke-iers when he walked in.  I paid him no mind and kept having a good time.  Then he came and sat beside me.  When he would lean in to talk to the people behind me, he would place his hand on my thigh, and as he walked by me he would rub my shoulders.  I was feeling all kinds of uncomfortable and then he said come dance with me.  I declined.  I didn't say yes.  Give me some credit.

While I'm sitting there having a good time with him, his dad texts me.  Only wants to know if I'm with him and is his brother with him.  Once he gets that information from me, he's done.  I could feel the coldness in his messages.  Was he angry with me?  Did he really think I would mess around with his son?  Or had his son mentioned to him about me going out with them?  Maybe he found me father like son? 
I tell everyone good night.  I've had enough. 

As I'm headed to my car, I am wondering where our arrangement went.  Just sex.  No relationship.  I'm not leaving my husband.  I'm not breaking up my family.  Especially not for someone 17 years my senior.  Are you kidding me?  But when did it matter that i was out with people from work?  When was I supposed to act distant and not allowed to hang out with people from my age group?  When did it stop being just about sex?  How am I supposed to explain why all the sudden I won't go out with them because the newly divorced guy is coming, and I work hand-in-hand with his dad and I get along with his dad great? 

When did I have to worry about this? 

And can I mention that his son smelled so good and was hot as 400 hells?  No!  Stop!  Cannot think of little one like that. 

Bourbon, you have forsaken me.

When the cats away....Monday, October 24

My boss was out of town for the week and unfortunately his boss was on bereavement leave.  Monday was the perfect opportunity.  I just closed up my office, told my workers I had some errands to run, and I left.  I had the hotel room and I text him the number. 

I was naked and waiting for the knock at the door.  It didn't come soon enough.

He walked in, and started taking off his clothes.  "What do you want," he asked me. 

"I want you to fuck me."

"Louder," he commanded.

I said it louder, "I want you to fuck me."

"I can't hear you."


"Alright then."  He moved to the bed.  His lips were on my neck and we were moving up the bed.  God he tasted good, and he felt even better.  I could feel his cock teasing my hole.  I wrapped my legs around him as best I could and kept trying to pull him closer to me.

"What are you doing," he asked with that all knowing grin on his face that pisses me off and turns me on all at the same time.

"Your cock is right there!  I want it."

"You want this, bitch?" His cock slipped right into my wet, hungry pussy.  "That's right, my little whore, you love this cock.  Look at those eyes rolling back in your head."  Mmmm.  He is so right.  I love his cock.  It makes me cum like nothing ever has. 

He starts pumping slow and my clit is trembling.  He pulls back so just the head of his cock is in my pussy and I watch as he spits on my clit.  I squeeze his cock with my pussy.  He loves the control I have, pushing and tugging on his cock as he's fucking me.

He pushes his feet up by my head.  He starts pounding me hard.  I can feel the pleasure boiling inside of me already.  Damn him. 

He starts to snicker.  "I control this pussy, whore.  This is my pussy.  It cums when I want it to."

Oh, he's so right.  I'm going to cum all over his cock and he's barely started fucking me.  I start to scream, and he covers my mouth with his hand.   My body jerks and my pussy squirts all over his fucking cock.

"That's a good bitch."

"Fuck you, you son of a bitch" is my reply.  He laughs at me.  He loves the way it pisses me off when I lose control....when he takes control. 

We continue to flip and turn all over the bed - top, bottom, front, back, 69, fucking my face.  The man can fuck forever.  We've been fucking for an entire hour.  "Where do you want this cum, my little slut."

I crawled from between his legs and sat on his cock.  "Cum in my pussy baby...cum with me."

I start milking his cock, my pussy squeezing his shaft tightly as I'm sliding up and down.  "You talk shit all day.  Walk into my office, grabbing that fucking cock.  You spit so I can remember what it's like when you're spitting on this pussy.  You like this pussy, dont you?  This young, tight, wet, pussy.  You love that a 32 year old wants your 49 year old cock.  It makes you so fucking cocky that nobody control this pussy like you do, baby.  Tell me you like it.  Tell me you think about this pussy when you're at home fucking that bitch wife of yours, that old worn out're thinking about this tight young pussy."

I can feel his bareback cock throbbing, he's going to cum.  He's going to fill this pussy with his hot sticky load.  His face is changing, I squeeze tighter.  He starts to scream "Fuck yes." and that's it, I'm pushed over the edge.  I'm cumming all over his cock.  He's grabbing my ass and filling my pussy full of cum.  Mmmmm, it's so good.

I slip off him.  He shoots me a bird, "Fuck you, you goddamn bitch." 

"Any time baby....fuck me any time!"   

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A much needed oral fix.

We have been talking too much shit lately.  My pussy has been pouring for days.  We send texts to each other from our respective offices, but when he walks by my mouth waters at the idea of having my lips wrapped around his shaft.  He always tastes so good.  And he never leaves me wanting.  I get to taste that wonderful, delicious cock while he finger-fucks my tight wet pussy.

He had to park in the far lot, so I drove him to his car.  On the short drive, I was rubbing the lump in his pants, begging him to let me taste it.  I popped the car in park, and looked at him, "Feel this wet pussy."  His large hand slipped between my legs. "Fuck," was all he could say. "You really want to suck this dick, don't you, you fucking whore."  I could just bite my lip and nod my head. "Please."  And then he said my favorite words "Follow me."

We pulled up to our spot.  He hopped into my car, layed the seat back and I was on my knees, my mouth watering, I couldn't wait to have his cock in my mouth. 

He pulled it out, stroked it. "You want this cock, bitch. Tell me how bad." And he slipped his cock in his pants. "Please don't. Please let me have it."

He grabbed it out again. "Here you go, my little cumslut."

Mmmmm. He tasted so good.  I could feel his cock getting hard in my mouth.  My pussy kept getting wetter and wetter.  All I could do is moan.  I was like a starving woman eating for the first time in months. 

He would grab my head, "Let me feed it to you, baby." I would gag at the force he used to fuck my face.  God, it was good. 

He started leaking into my mouth.  The precum like manna in my mouth.  I sucked harder.  I wanted it.  I needed to feel his hot sticky cum sliding down my throat.  His hand slipped down the back of my pants.  His large fingers slipping into my pussy.  He would slip his finger from my pussy to my asshole.  I started to jerk.  I was going to cum all over his hot hand.

"You want this load, don't you bitch.  Take it, my fucking whore.  God, I've missed my little whore.  You suck my cock so good.  Here it comes, bitch.  You ready.  Goddamn, mother fucker, drink this load. You fucking cock sucker."

My mouth feeling his cock throb as spurt after spurt of cum shot into my mouth.  His hands on the back of my head, forcing me further down on his cock. My body still jerking from the sweet climax he brought me to with just his fucking fingers.

  "Mmmmmm.  Thank you," I sad as I wiped my lips. 

"No, thank you," he said as he slipped out of the car. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Can't wait."

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The (Double) Life and Times of Annabelle Jones: Friday, September 23

The (Double) Life and Times of Annabelle Jones: Friday, September 23: What can I say about Friday, other than it was our (mine and my lovers) one-year anniversary (plus 6 days). It lived up to every bit of my ...

Friday, September 23

What can I say about Friday, other than it was our (mine and my lovers) one-year anniversary (plus 6 days).  It lived up to every bit of my expectations.  I'm not a sex-depraved woman; my husband doesn't ignore me. He gives me sex when I want it. There's only one thing he can't do, be the other men that I like having sex with. 

It was a happen chance moment.  Bobby's boss and mine were both out of town, so we took an early Friday to meet at our favorite hotel. I got the room and was there before he was, cooling the room because it's still so warm in Alabama.  I was terribly excited, getting naked and waiting on him like a school girl waiting on the phone to ring.
My pussy started pouring on the bed as I thought about his head being between my legs very soon.  I've never had a man that could eat like he can. His tongue is always soft, but firm enough to make me climax. His tongue explores every crevice of my cunt as if he's trying to memorize its contours and as if it's a taste that his body has been craving, a vital mineral that he needs to have or he will perish.

The knock came not soon enough.  I always open and stand behind the door so that no one can see who is standing inside in case he were followed. He usually shuts the door and pushes me against the wall, his hands exploring my body, his tongue in my mouth. His smell, intoxicating; his taste, addictive.

I stand watching him get undressed. I try to help, but I'm more of a hindrance than a help. Once he's naked, his hands are on me again. And he always says those simple words that cause my vagina to purr...."You want me to fuck you, don't you." Crude, I know. But when you live such a pure, good-girl life, there's nothing like having a man pull out your inner whore, make you want to be that woman that meets in dirty hotels for nothing more than a piece of ass. 

He tossed me on the bed, "You've been thinking about this fucking cock all day, haven't you, you fucking whore?  Now lay dow and give me that sweet young pussy."  He's so much bigger than I am, his legs pushing my thighs up the bed, his hands guiding my waist. And then with everything that is man in him, he spreads my legs, admiring his afternoon snack.

"Watch," he says..."Get up on your elbows and watch me, Bitch."  I rise up and watch as he lets the spit stream from his lips to my throbbing clit.  My body starts twitching, and I can't help but beg.  "Eat it!  Eat this fucking hot pussy."

And with that, he's between my legs, his warm tongue devouring my clit like a boy eating a strawberry ice cream in the hot southern sun.  He moans and hums, enjoying my taste. Oh, how he loves to eat pussy. And oh how he is so good.  He makes me cum so easily.  He pulls them out with ease.  And when my body starts jerking and I start trying to crawl up the bed, he wraps his large hands around my thighs and holds me to him, open and accessible until he licks out two or three.  I was cumming all over his face, grabbing his head, squirming on the bed, grinding against his heavenly tongue.  

It's then that he comes to kiss me, letting me taste myself on his lips.  I can feel his cock pressed against my hole. He can feel my pussy squeezing, summoning his hard cock. I'm moving, manipulating myself, trying to get his cock inside me faster. But he holds off, makes me beg, teases me with the tip.  He can always slide right in without ever using his hands. And it's that moment that his cock slides into my pussy that causes my back to arch and my eyes begin rolling back in my head. His cock is amazing.

I have amazing pussy control. I'm sure some men have been inside a woman when she laughed or coughed and felt that squeeze, but I squeeze when I want to. It's an art. I squeeze: soft, tight, fast, slow, long, quick. Most men cum almost instantly after I squeeze their cock. But he begs for it,  "Squeeze it, squeeze it harder, Bitch.  You can't make me cum. I control this fuck and you cum when I say."
The fucking lasts forever. He's on top, I'm on top.  We're fucking fast; we're fucking slow.  Mmmmm, that's my favorite: when he's on his back and I'm straddling him. He has his arms behind his head, kicked back without a care in the world acting as if like fucking me is the last thing on his mind. So, I keep fucking him, until he's grabbing my ass and begging me to cum all over his cock. 

I have always been in control. It's almost like a head game I play. I make a man work hard for my cum. And I always let it go, when I'm ready. Until now...he pulls them out of me no matter how hard I try. I cuss him, calling him a mother fucker and a son of a bitch, screaming, "You're not supposed to be able to do this." He laughs and it makes my pussy quiver.

Every time I cum, I coat his cock and balls with pussy juice. Mmmm how is cock makes me squirt.  Today, we finished w/ a good face fucking. That cock sliding in and out of mouth as he toyed w/ my button, making me cum with his cock in my mouth. I love tasting our juices mixed together.

And what makes it so much better is that we have a mutual understanding.  We catch our breath, clean up, he kisses me on the cheek as I shut the door.  And I take a moment, hesitating so we don't seem so obvious, and head home to a loving husband -- that I mentioned before, I love with all my heart.  He's the only man I have ever wanted to spend the rest of my life with, just not the only man I ever want to fuck.....